Landscape Design serves far beyond the role of exterior decor, it connects outside too inside in a seamless balance. Our cross-service design approach considers all the specialty and multi-use opportunities across the environment. We create personal multi-use areas, softscapes and hardscapes; and finish with lighting to ensure home, land, and living blend together as one.

Our reverence for environmental stewardship inspires scientific exploration to determine how the story of sustainability and science can best blend with yours. A complex platform of factors begs consideration. The successful fusion of resort design, ecological sensitivity, and economic feasibility lead to your ultimate private enclave.

Our Landscape Design Process











Conceptual Design

During the Conceptual Design phase, our team performs a thorough on-site analysis which stokes healthy discussions with you around goals, objectives, and schedule. This collaboration unifies the wants, needs, and facts. Our designers join in and the whole team formulates a refined Conceptual Site Plan.

Schematic Design

Conducting an initial design study of existing conditions on the subject property is the first step in the Schematic Design phase. From there, we discuss budget, time schedules, and design preferences. With these facts understood, we then prepare the schematic plans and with conceptual plantings of the softscapes and hardscapes of the property, both covered and uncovered by architectural elements. Additionally, we’ll provide a schematic modeling composition of the trees, softscapes, and hardscapes.

Design Development

After the Schematic Design is set and approved, we can Design Documentation which will further enhance the technical level of our suggested Design Concepts. Pertinent considerations here include locating the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing equipment provided by the architect on the site plan as well as seeking input and direction from irrigation and lighting consultants to round out the design.

Construction Documentation

All of the landscaping specifications, arborist reports, tree preservation and repositioning plans, and a myriad of other required details are defined and constantly referenced until perfect. These documents inform the Permit Set and ensure codes are followed. Our environmental stewardship is on display in our approach and documentation.

Construction Administration

Monitoring the work being performed by various contractors during the course of the project ensures that progress is moving according to plan. Onsite inspections are conducted, and field reports are prepared which document our site observations, project conditions, and progress to plan to ensure the vision materializes properly through the final stages and plantings.

Design Divisions