At [STRANG] we consider interior design to be a natural and essential outcome of our holistic vision for our residential commissions, filtered through a modernist lens and informed by our discerning clients’ project briefs.

We use volume, light and materials to sculpt rich spatial experiences and curated environments—made even more distinctive by décor elements, such as carefully-selected finishes and fixtures, custom furniture, as well as fabrics, floor and window coverings and accessories. These spaces thoughtfully reflect our clients’ collections of art, heirlooms and mementos, and more importantly, their lives.

Our Interior Design Process




Design Development






Merchandise Selection & Installation

Schematic Design

Preliminary design is all about uncovering and understanding your vision, we dig deep into the many facets of your story—the dream list and the must-haves. We also coordinate with Architectural team to understand design direction and study the existing physical conditions in order to uncover opportunities and cater to your specific needs.  The pre-design report summarizes our findings.

Design Development

A visioning session and a palette to give you a full look and feel of what you can look forward to upon completion. We gain a keen understanding of your design preferences as well as your initial budget and time schedules. Spatial plans and furniture layouts are prepared, sample materials will be provided as necessary to generally illustrate our suggested Design Concepts including color schemes, interior finishes, wall coverings, floor coverings, ceiling treatments, and window treatments—all for your approval.

Construction Documentation

We help you select the things that connect you to and within your home. These are the items that remain with the home: plumbing fixtures, finishes, cabinetry and built-ins, architectural lighting, hardware, accessories, and equipment and appliances. These suggested Design Concepts will be illustrated and presented for your delight and approval and refined into final documentation.

Construction Supervision

Here all the small details get their turn with your attention. Collaboration with the Architectural team ensures effective coordination throughout the process. A drawing set is developed to unify the selections with interior elevations, enlarged plans, schedules, and corresponding details. The document set includes specific details about every piece of the vision and the combination of our teams ensure what is built is what we imagined. The combination of our teams ensures what is built is what we imagined. Regular, careful site inspections monitor the work being ensures that progress is moving according to plan.

Sourcing & Selection of Merchandise, Purchase Logistics & Installation

Selecting Furniture and Décor is a wonder-filled process where showrooms temporarily transform into playgrounds and traversing the globe becomes a true temptation.  Throughout the process we will be presenting furniture and décor selections curated specifically to each space. From selection, comes purchase logistics where we navigate and manage tasks such as invoicing, negotiating, delivery, storage, order management, and inspections. In the end our instillation services provide the perfect way to enjoy the moving portion of coming home. We make sure everything is perfect—down to making the beds and setting the dinner table. We work for the WOW factor, so no detail is too small to deserve our attention.

Design Divisions